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Born in 1985, Alexandre de Vigan is a true enthusiast.

Every morning, he gets up at 5:00 am and starts his day with the the same enthusiasm. Alexandre is a source of energy with inexhaustible ideas, he does not have any specific passion, he has a passion for entrepreneurship.

He has graduated a Master's degree in business law and taxation at the University of Assas, and then at the University of Colombia in the USA.

He finished his training with a Master in management at HEC.

In 2011, he starts his career as a business lawyer,

specialized in mergers and acquisitions. Afterwards he begins entrepreneurship in 2014. Three years after the beginning of his professional life, he founded Matchimmo, an online real estate acquisition platform.

After facing the difficulty of fitting out and decorating his first apartment, he created Hubstairs, in 2016, which will become nfinite in 2020.


Alexandre de Vigan

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